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Bachata 1

Bachata 1

Bachata is a dance originating from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean islands. The music and dance has been influenced by other styles of music like merengue, bolero, salsa and cumbia.

Bachata’s dance steps has four beats per measure. In Bachata the dancer takes three steps to the side ending with a tap. The walking basic is similar, with the dancers walking forward and back rather than side to side. As well 3 steps to the front and ending with the tap.

Like in salsa, there are many types of bachata including, Dominican bachata, sensual bachata, and Urban bachata. Fusions are also becoming very popular with multi-disciplinary and experimental dancers

In this level:

Learn basic moves to musicality, lead and follow techniques and different turns.

Class Instructor 

Sandra Campanelli

Sandra Campanelli, founder, and director of the Latin Groove School of Dance, is a woman who has a very intimate relationship with the world of dance.
Since she was a little girl, Sandra has been swimming in the world of dance, music and song. Indeed, his parents were respectively musicians and singers.

They have encouraged her in the various dance classes she has taken since the age of eight.
Several years later, Sandra opened her school and it was at this moment that she discovered her true passion. Although she loves to dance, teaching is something much more important and rewarding to her.

“I am currently living my greatest dream, that of opening my own dance studio, where people can not only learn to dance but also have fun! I did not want a simple school, I wanted to create a community of dancers! ”
If you were to retain a single word from Madame Campanelli, it would be the passionate word.

Event Hours(2)

  • Monday

    18.00 - 19.00

    Location: Rouge Room

  • Saturday

    12.00 - 13.00

    Location: Rouge Room