What is Samba

Want to feel like you’re a dancer at the Carnaval in Rio? Learn the real steps to this firery brazilian dance with our amazing and beautiful instructor, Adriana Alves from Brazil.

Samba is also a great way to get into shape. Our 1 hour lesson will leave you wanting more.

Where can I learn to dance Samba

Search no more ! We are located in downtown Montreal, close to metro Peel, look us up on the Map!

How to Dance Samba

Watch the demo video and register to one of our packages!

We are flexible!

We are aware that everyone has their way of learning things, that’s why we adapt ourselves to your needs. We offer group or 1-on-1 lessons, we can also teach at work or your home if desired.

We’re professional!

From beginner to advanced, not only we teach the moves but also we want you to understand the rhythm as a whole and the latin lifestyle. We also want you to have fun!

We’re convenient!

The 6/49 club is an awesome place to learn/dance in a friendly ambiance. At 5 minute walk from the subway station, the location makes us very convenient!

Make new friends !

Learning how to dance has always been a great way to meet new people and make new friends. The 6/49 is an awesome place for that and changes into a club at night.

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What our students have to say

I used to go to Cuba on vacation and stand by and watch everyone dance, now after taking a couple of sessons with Sandra, I'm the one people are watching! Thanks to everyone at Latin Groove.
Marilyne Gagnon
Salsa Classes for Cuba
Thanks to everyone at Latin Groove. Because of the bachata class, I met my fiance. 🙂
Nancy Johnson
Speed dating through Dancing classes
Never thought I'd learn to dance. Now I feel comfortable at any party. Thanks Sandra
Mike Renzo
Learned how to Dance!
I've taken salsa lessons before at other schools but I find it so much easier with Sandra from Latin Groove
Lynda Grayson
Best dancing lessons
I've never danced before, it looked so difficult but Sandra simplifed it and now I'm dancing bachata, merengue, salsa and cha cha. Thanks to everyone at Latin groove.
Jean Sebastien Thibault
Dancing Bachata is easy now!
Finally a dance school that not only teaches moves but also gets you to understand the rhythm and lifestyle.
Mario Lepage
Latin Dance Teachers