Dancing Is Great For Your Children Did you know that children are able to dance from their first months? Even before walking, babies know how to move their bodies and dance to the rhythm of the music. You should also note that dancing has many benefits for your children's development, both physically and psychologically. So if you have kids, and still don’t know which activity to choose for them, you can keep on reading to find out more about the benefits of dancing and the reasons why it

Find out more about Bachata and how the dance almost never made it! Going through some really hard and challenging moments, the sensational dance of Bachata became the talk of everyone all around the world. We all want to try it, learn about it, and we all want to dance it! A dance that came to life decades ago but we never heard of it till recently, let’s all discover why and how Bachata is the way it is today! The origins of Bachata The Bachata dance appeared in the