Sensual Bachata 3

Sensual Bachata 3

Bachata is a dance originating from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean islands. The music and dance has been influenced by other styles of music like merengue, bolero, salsa and cumbia.

Bachata’s dance steps has four beats per measure. In Bachata the dancer takes three steps to the side ending with a tap. The walking basic is similar, with the dancers walking forward and back rather than side to side. As well 3 steps to the front and ending with the tap.

Like in salsa, there are many types of bachata including, Dominican bachata, sensual bachata, and Urban bachata. Fusions are also becoming very popular with multi-disciplinary and experimental dancers

In this level:

Learn more complicated arm techniques and footwork.

Class Instructor 

Jhaime Vega

Jhaime is a young charismatic dancer who started dancing ballet jazz and his professional training at such a young age as 5, to please his grand mother, but his talent was imminent. He started the world of competition at the age of 8 and won his first national championship, in Orlando. At 13, he won the senior championship, even thought he was still a junior. He attended the prestigious Academy of Jazz school of the Joffrey Ballet school in New York city, with a scholarship for 3 years.

His love for social dancing started with the Cha Cha in 2012 and was quickly followed by bachata and salsa. He attended and performed at many festivals and congresses since (including the last Just for laugh festival in Montreal), and won many medals in all categories.

His students say about him that his love of dance and his positive energy is transmissive and makes them fall in love with dancing too, brings a desire to evolve and that they feel respected in their own evolution. Dancing with Jhaime is finally just a lot of fun!

Event Hours(1)

  • Thursday

    19.00 - 20.00

    Location: Rouge Room