Bachata Lady Styling

Bachata Lady Styling

Bachata is a dance originating from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean islands. The music and dance has been influenced by other styles of music like merengue, bolero, salsa and cumbia.

Bachata’s dance steps has four beats per measure. In Bachata the dancer takes three steps to the side ending with a tap. The walking basic is similar, with the dancers walking forward and back rather than side to side. As well 3 steps to the front and ending with the tap.

Like in salsa, there are many types of bachata including, Dominican bachata, sensual bachata, and Urban bachata. Fusions are also becoming very popular with multi-disciplinary and experimental dancers

In this class:

Lady Styling allows you to discover your own style in dancing bachata by incorporating arm lines, foot work, body motion and body isolations. 

Class Intern Instructor 


Angie started as a self-taught dancer who danced in latin clubs for fun. She discovered a passion for dance after her first social, Salsafolie. As she begun dancing, she started getting noticed and was recruited for lady styling troups and continued training with professionals on the national and international level: Victor Alexis, Anya Katsevman (USA), Daniel & Desiree (Spain), Alien Ramirez (Cuba), etc. Since 2015, Angie competed in various styles including Bachata, Salsa,, Cha Cha Cha, Hustle and has won multiple titles. She currently holds the 2017 national title in Bachata with her partner Jhaime.

Angie is a strong believer that dance is for everyone, all shapes and sizes. She encourages and empowers her dancers to get out of their comfort zone and to explore their bodies and abilities. She has been described as a passionate dancer and is patient in teaching classes. She focuses a lot on technique, all while pushing body movement and fun. She makes everyone want to move!

Event Hours(1)

  • Wednesday

    18.00 - 19.00

    Location: Bleu Room