Salsa 5

Salsa 5

Salsa, as we know it today, originates from New York city. It is said that it is a mix of many latin dances like Mambo, Cuban son, cha cha cha, Guaguancó, cumbia and more. The music is a blend of Cuban, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Dominican and American jazz mixed all in one. Celia Cruz said “echale salsita” in one of her songs and thus the name was born. It has lots of variations worldwide. New York style on 2, L.A style on 1, Cuban style, Colombian style, even Mambo style… Whatever you call it, just dance it and enjoy it!

In this level:

Our most Advance class and changes every session, you will learn different combinations each session.

Class Instructor 

Carlos Clavel

of Puerto Rican origin, arrived in Canada some 20 years ago. He entered the world of Latin dance thanks to one of his friends who had invited her to a salsa party at the club 6/49. It was love at first sight!

Carlos learned everything he knows by trying various movements and spending a lot of time in the Latin evenings given in Montreal. Then he became a salsa teacher at the 6/49 club during the free classes.

For several years now he has been a teacher of salsa and bachata at the Latin Groove.

Event Hours(1)

  • Friday

    19.00 - 20.00

    Location: Rouge Room