Join a dance troupe today

Have you seen our dance team and would you like to try?
Come join us. It’s fun and you’ll learn a lot about teamwork.

Here’s why you should be part of our troupes.

  • Health benefits. Dancing will strengthen your muscles as they are forced to support your weight during all the different dance moves. You will be more flexible when you perform dance moves that also stretch your back and legs. You will also build more stamina, which means you can stay on your feet for longer. Your balance will be greatly improved as you learn how to manage your weight in different postures.
  • Trust. Facing big crowds requires trust. You will feel good about yourself and be ready for new challenges in life.
  • Team work. A dance troupe requires perfect teamwork since everyone has to perform their movements in symbiosis. Evolving with a dance troupe will develop your skills and straighten your teamwork.
  • Discipline. A dance choreography means putting hours of practice and working hard to achieve perfect movements. Your self-discipline will accumulate and you will find it easier to train and practice thus helping in all aspects of life.
  • Concentration. Movements and steps must be carefully choreographed. This means that you will have to learn to concentrate so that you can play your part perfectly. You will find it easier to focus on other tasks in everyday life as well.
  • Creativity. Sometimes, the troupe will ask you to be creative. You will have get inspiration by looking at other troupes. Your artistic side will develop faster.
  • Shows. Dance troupes can attract many fans. You will get opportunities to travel to other cities to perform or to watch other troupes. You will get to know people from different cultures and different places.
  • Friends. The other members of the troupe will surely become friends. Working in a team will improve your social skills. You will make friendships for life as your teammates surely have many things in common.
  • Be a model. As a member of a dance troupe, other students will watch you and admire your work. You will be a role model for other students who want to be like you.

The most important reason of joining a Latin Groove troupe, is the FUN aspect.

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