We’ve got the coolest hobby for you. 💃🕺

Never feel awkward about dancing at parties, weddings, clubs or family gatherings again.

Be the king/queen of the party

Even if you’ve never danced before,
or even if you think that you have two left feet,
that's not true.

You are going to enjoy, have fun and finally learn how to dance with our proven method.

Everyone should know how to dance

That's why we created a simple and,
most importantly, fun course for you:
"Intro to Salsa, Intro to Bachata and Intro to Kizomba." 💃🕺

With this easy course, step by step, you will have a new super fun hobby that will last you a lifetime.

Why dance Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba you say?


It’s a great way to meet amazing and outgoing people.


It’s so easy to learn, social, energy packed, vacation mode dances.


It improves your physical, emotional and mental health.


It’s the most fun social dances.


It’s got a catchy rhythm.


No costly equipment is required.

Sign up, explore and experience what we have been teaching our students for the past 25 years and still do.
Sign up for this learning package and get $103 off. Hurry and grab yours today before spots are all gone.

Only 50 spots available.

Do you feel...

... Bored of regular nights in front of the TV, laptop, cell?

... You haven’t tried anything different for a long time?​

... You’ve always wanted to learn to dance but you’ve never started?

... You don't have a hobby in common with your partner and you would like to have one?

... You want more fun, happiness and a social life?

Imagine If You Could...

​​Feel the sparkles and joy on a totally new level.

​​Create and share a new super fun hobby.

​Put some "Groove" in your relationship that will make you "wild" again.

Never ever feel awkward about dancing at parties, weddings, family gatherings ever again!

Being able to dance with your partner at any event for the rest of your life.

Can you imagine that something as simple as dance can awaken the passion again? To bring the butterflies back?
When we dance, it's like the first date. Our heart is pumping faster and faster and the sense of time just disappears.
Dance is a language on its own, you can feel more confident and happier.

Are you living the same life every day?

We, humans, are brainwashed to think that in order to start doing something we like, we need to be: professionals, super talented, thin, model like, more feminine, more macho, without two left feet, and have more time/money.
It's like only superstars from the media can dance. I really hope you know, that's not true.
We think too much and try too little.

But let us remind you…

As dance teachers, we witness so many amazing people no matter the age, gender, race, size, doubts, fear, or insecurities... who start to dance and truly find joy in it and a new sense of achievement. You have a new family, a community to call your own.
Because dance is a skill that every person can learn, just like learning a new language, cooking or riding a bike... Exactly how you were dancing like a kid.
You just need to find a suitable approach for you and the will to do it.
Dance has no limits. Once you learn the basics, you can start creating your own style. Creativity is endless!

Even science confirms what all dancers already know:

The only physical activity to offer protection against dementia was frequent dancing.

Dancers maximize cognitive function and muscle memory through practice.

The benefits of dance encompass all areas of health, including physical, mental, and emotional. Not only does it give you a way to express yourself and have fun, but it also counts toward your cardiovascular exercise minutes for the week.

All in all, dancing has the power to make you happy, and now you know why you feel pleasure after attending a movement-based class. So, continue dancing like nobody’s watching — it’s one of the best forms of self-expression!

37$ for 7 classes

Choose between: Salsa Intro, Bachata Intro or Kizomba intro classes. (save $103)

But wait, add $29 and double your fun. Get an extra 7 classes.

Choose between: Salsa Intro and Bachata Intro classes. (save a whopping $214) See what you can accomplish in this 5 week course.

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Questions? Let’s do this!

Yes, the course is made for people who have never danced before or who have danced in a very basic way. We will teach you step by step so you will understand all the movements and are able to dance with or without a partner. You will realize that you are able to dance much better than you think after this 5 week course. 💃

Of course! We often go to bars and discos where you can dance with a partner, and believe us, there is no age that predominates in dance. We have students from 18 to 88… Dance is not a matter of age; it is a matter of enjoying yourself.

Yes, it is. You can definitely do this course solo. This course is for everybody who wants to learn how to dance and have fun in a new way.

Only your socks, sneakers or heels/dance shoes if you have them. Yup, no joke. This whole program is equipment free. We wanted to make something that you can take with you and practice anytime, anywhere.

We are also always busy, so we understand you. Take the time you need, but realize that this will quickly get you hooked and you’ll want to keep dancing. The feeling is too good to pass off.

The regular course lasts 5 weeks and you’ve got the basics down packed. But you can keep going till higher levels. You can even learn other dances like Cha Cha, Samba, Kizomba, Reggaeton and much more. Wanna teach? We can train you too. Dancing is growing everyday and we are always looking for teachers.

Most of our students walked in saying exactly the same thing. You should see them now. If you’re not sure, check out our videos on Facebook and Instagram and you’ll see our students dancing up a storm.

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