Reggaeton with WALTER. You may have heard the punchy and catchy rhythm of Reggaeton music on all the radio stations, clubs and socials and everyone singing the catchy lines. Well reggaeton has taken a huge part of the market. It has its roots in Jamaican reggae, hip hop, electronica and Latin rhythms such as bomba and salsa. It began in the ghettos of Latin America but now it’s danced and played everywhere. Since the late 2000’s the music has grown internationally with more and more Reggaeton artists emerging. So what is this dance that everyone is craving? One way to find out, is trying it for yourself. You will learn body isolations, control, musicality and great moves that will get you noticed on that dance floor.

In this level:

Learn 8 counts combinations, at this level you should be able to lead and follow most dancers.

Class Instructor 

Walter Rivera in an early age studied in Havav Cub, where he discovered the amazing and lovely culture of AfroCuban, Rumba, Guaracha, Son, Da Mambo, Cha cha.

He was officially a member of A Boys Band called 4YOU signed by Sony Music in Paris. Had the opportunity of working with great people such as Prince, Celine Dion, Cybel, Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Lobez’s Choreographer “Geb” along with Daddy Yankee in Montreal & Miami.