Sexy Dance / HEELS

What is Sexy Dance or HEELS?

Sexy dance or Heels is a dance for women who want to explore their femininity, to know their body better and to inspire the admiration of others through dance.

It is a seductive combination of dragging, cat movements, swinging of the hips, turns and dancing exercises that emphasize your womanly charm. Emphasis is placed on sexy movements of the hips, chest, and hands during the dance, paired with proper footing. Gestures and facial expressions are also an integral part of the dance. Altogether, they are designed to make you shine and attract wanted attention at every party.

Every class has two parts:

Warm-up, including learning basic steps, movement of the head, arms, chest, hips and legs Choreography for specific music; each week has new music

Each class is different, with one part lively and dynamic and another part peaceful and sensual.

What are the benefits?

This course will make you feel more attractive, strengthen your physical condition and give grace and charm to your everyday movements. You will learn how to combine grace and feminine gestures in a conscious and effective way.

Your body will also become more flexible, and you will feel greater overall confidence.

What should you wear?

Comfortable clothing that do not obstruct movements. Dance heels or jazz shoes.

Who should attend?

This is an open level, and no prior dance experience is necessary. It is a solo dance; no partners.