Speed Dancing


LATIN GROOVE is organizing a dancing evening where you will have opportunities to meet attractive, intelligent, successful, like-minded Montreal singles in one unforgettable dancing experience.
A no pressure night where while learning to dance you can actually meet a dance and life partner.
You will learn the basic moves in of 4 dances including merengue, cha cha, bachata and salsa.
No more sitting it out, dance your way into someone’s heart.

The experience begins like this:

Upon arrival, you will have to write your name on a sticker and you’ll be assigned a number.
You will stick that tag on your left side of your chest.
You will then enter the studio where you will have the time to meet, talk and dance with everyone.
Then the instructors will teach you the moves then will ask you to dance with the person in front of you. After dancing a few minutes, you will then be asked to switch partners repeatedly.
After class, you will be asked to write down the person that most interested you. (max 3)
If it’s mutual, someone at Latin Groove will text you both and let you know there was a match. If you both agree, you will have a private lesson with one of our teachers at a special offer of 39$ instead of 60$.

After you have completed the 6 weeks, you will then have 25$ to spend on any of Latin Groove dance packages, thus having this experience cost you 0$.

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