What’s that Stanky Smell?

Hola Bailarinas!

La Gringa is in the house! Since it’s my first time writing for LG I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. By day I’m a Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Nutrition consultant and the author of the book Coming Home to Yourself and by night I am a Bachata, Salsa, and Reggaeton dancing Mamacita. I’m pretty sure that I was Latina in another life and quite honestly I wish I was in this life too because I am completely in love with everything that is Latin culture, especially Latin dancing.

There are a million and one things that I love about Latin dancing. One of the things that can be challenging to deal with though, is when your dance partner is a little bit stanky. Whether it’s in a club or in a dance studio if you’ve ever danced before I’m sure that you can relate to having an experience like something this.

You’re on the dance floor having a great time with your friends and someone comes over to ask you for a dance. You most likely say yes because you’re friendly like that and let’s be honest you probably want to get in as much dancing as you possibly can in one night. You do a salsa dance together and notice that there’s a funky smell in the air. You probably think to yourself “it’s no big deal, we’re all dancing a lot and it’s normal to sweat.” But then the song finishes, and on comes a bachata song. You get a little closer to your dance partner, start to move, and then BOOM it hits you in the face like a bug hitting a windshield at 100 mph on a Saturday night.

Then your internal dialogue starts:

“What is that stanky smell?! Is it me? Is it my dance partner? It can’t be me I know I put on deodorant. Should I go to the bathroom to freshen up?”

You and your dance partner pull away for a turn and the smell suddenly leaves your nose and you can breathe again. The turn finishes and then BOOM it’s back again!

“Oh my God! What should I do?! Should I tell them? Should I just come up with some excuse to stop the dance now? I’ll just say I’m really hot or that I’m thirsty. Oh, I’ll say I have to go to the bathroom! Yes, that’s it! Okay, here it goes.”

You then stop the dance as politely as you can and although your dance partner is disappointed by the sudden dance interruption they gracefully let you go. Relieved by the fact that you can breathe again you go to the bathroom just to be sure that you weren’t hallucinating and then try your best to avoid that person for the rest of the night no matter how amazing of a dancer they might be.

Moral of the story, if you know you sweat a lot or that you have a tendency to get a little bit stanky when you dance, please remember to put on deodorant and don’t be afraid to go to the bathroom to freshen up every now and then. Deodorant, some perfume or cologne, and a handydandy breath mint go a very long way and will keep you and your fellow dance partners feeling
great all night (or day) long.

Although story-time is fun, It kind of leaves me asking myself a question that I would love to hear your thoughts about:

#1 How do you think we can tell our dance partners that they are smelling a little bit funky without sounding like an awful person?

#2 How do you think we can become more aware of our own bodies and their lovely smells when we dance?


I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas! Until next time, Stay Latin and fabulous,


Laura Lee Peters – A.K.A. La Gringa

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