Latin Groove Offers Dance And Fitness Classes In Downtown Montreal

Join montreal’s best rated dance school where you can take salsa, bachata, kizomba, fitness classes and much more.

For beginners to the multi advanced with or without a partner, group or private lessons.

Since 1998, Latin Groove has provided not only quality dance lessons but has formed one of Montreal’s largest dance community.

With weekly dance socials on Wednesday Nights as well as many events all around the city, Latin Groove has created a family.


Take a look at our selection of dance and fitness classes.

We offer multiple dance and fitness classes that range from Kizomba, Salsa, Bachata to Zumba. Choose what fits your style best and our instructors will help you achieve your dance goals.

Initiate your little ones to the wonderful world of dancing!

Share the joy with your little ones, and let them discover the wonderful world of dancing. Don’t miss our kids’ packages with various popular dance styles suitable for all ages and all tastes from our Introduction to the Latin dance to the famous Tik Tok dances. What are you waiting for? Let your little ones dance, have fun, and conquer the dancefloor!

We Have Been Awarded Many Prizes Over The Years For The Best Dance School.

Throughout the years, we have been working diligently to provide the best experience possible to all our dance students. Year after year, we were rated as the Top 3 best dance schools in all of Montreal. Join our Latin Groove family and find out why we are the best.


We Offer Entertainment For All Your Events. Latin Dancers, Brazilian Dancers, Capoiera And Different Types Of Bands All Specializing In Latin And Brazilian Music.

Choose the best experience for your event!

Latin groove has been the best choice for any events, corporate gatherings, festivals, clubs and the list goes on. We understand that our clients want something different and unique, and that is the exact experience we bring with our dancers and bands.


Our Clients' Feedback!

We love to hear your feedback and we appreciate all the reviews you have left us. Please let us know what you think!

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There Is No Better Way To Get Your Workplace More Productive And Motivated Then By Giving Them The Excitement And Fun Of Dancing!

A happy and satisfied employee is known to be more productive. Not only that, the entire atmosphere and work culture is improved. This helps decrease turnover and build a strong loyal team.