There is no better way to get your workplace more productive and motivated then by giving them the excitement and fun of DANCING!

It is proven that if your employee is happy, they are 2 times less absent and 9 times more productive. If you want this for your company, please read the following.

Team bonding is an essential part of creating a positive and friendly energy and environment with a large office or companies where people like you and I are working non-stop from 9am – 5pm and sometimes even longer. Learning to dance is a fun, easy activity that is open to everyone. You don’t need a partner and you don’t need special talents or equipment. We are ready to come, teach and have some fun with you, your staff and colleagues by giving them a fun and exciting Latin Dance class at your workplace. We have motivational teachers that will make a simple lunch hour more effective, fun and stress-free. If you’re interested in booking dancers for an event, hosting corporate dance classes or using dance as a team-building workshop, we are the ones to call.



How will Dance classes help your workplace?

  • Bringing all staff together in a friendly and fun environment
  • Staff can get to know each other outside the pressures of work
  • Improve social skills and confidence amongst staff in your workplace
  • Better communication between staff as a result of new friendships formed
  • Great for fitness and coordination.

What do we do in the Latin Dance Class?

  • A dancing demonstration
  • One hour of action, packed with fun-filled dance classes
  • One Free Class Pass for each of your employees so that they can come and visits us in the future.

Know more about the advantages of Latin dancing.

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