Belly Dance

What Is Belly Dance?

The belly dance, also known as Belly dancing or oriental dance, is originally a spontaneous and improvised dance from Egypt (the Maghreb, Near East). Nowadays, its spontaneous and improvised side has given way to a style taught in a more academic way around the world. Normally, belly dancing is mostly performed by women. In addition to being sensual, and beautiful to look at, belly dancing has done many things well. Indeed, in addition to being graceful, sensual, and elegant, it also helps to strengthen the body, improve posture and tone muscles. We offer you the best Baladi dance in Montreal with our belly dancing classes.


Group Classes

Group classes are from 5-20 couples per class and depending on the class there are one to two teachers per class as well as assistants to help out. If you don’t know what level you are at, come by and one of our teachers will be glad to evaluate you.


We Have Been Awarded Many Prizes Over The Years For The Best Dance School.

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