What is Kizomba?

Originally from Angola, the name Kizomba means “feast” in Kimbundu.

This dance is characterized by close partner connection and smooth, grounded movements. In kizomba, there is no “basic step”, instead, each movement follows and matches the music as the priority, and steps are incorporated according to the range of your vocabulary. Kizomba can be successfully danced with only four or five moves, and yet mastery lies in the subtlety of movement and of the lead-follow connection.

In addition, the moves or steps in kizomba are constantly expanding as people from around the world interpret the music in new and amazing ways. That means it’s easy for anyone to learn and enjoy on the social floor in only a little time, but remains challenging and interesting for those captivated by this style.

Kizomba is a close dance but is only as romantic or sensual as you and your partner choose to make it. As with any social dance, courtesy and respect are basic expectations, so there’s no need to feel intimidated by the social floor! Kizomba is a wonderful, moving dance that will appeal to new dancers and veterans alike.

Group Classes

Group classes are from 5-20 couples per class and depending on the class and there are 1 – 2 teachers per class as well as assistants to help out. If you don’t know what level you are, come by and one of our teachers will be glad to evaluate you.

Kizomba INTRO

In this level:

You will learn all the basic dance steps, lead and follow techniques and different basic turn patterns. Within 6 weeks, you’ll be able to follow the music in any social setting.

Kizomba 1

In this level:

Intermediate level combinations lead and styling

Kizomba 2

In this level:

Our most Advance class and changes every session, fast combination urban kiz