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Frequently Asked Questions

I already took lessons. Do I have to take level 1?

It depends on every person. We suggest you make an appointment with one of our teachers.

How can I know my level?

We suggest you to make an appointment with one of our teachers.

I’m not advancing fast enough, how can I speed up the process?

If you are taking only 1 class a week, that is only 1 hour a week. That is definitely not enough. We estimate that you’ll forget at least 50% of what you were taught.  Ideally one should practice during the week, before your weekly classes. The more you practice the more you learn. We have practice hour from 5pm-6pm Monday to Fridays and 4pm-8pm on Saturdays. If you want to advance even faster, we offer private classes with a choice of teachers. Starting from 45$/hour. We also have what we call the All Pass or Platinum monthly pass. This is a V.I.P pass than gives you unlimited access to all our classes within your level. Even if our classes are full this pass still gives you access. Practice makes perfect.

How many classes is there in a session?

Each session has 5 weeks of classes.

What style of salsa do we teach?

We mostly teach New York style on 1 and 2, and we also have Cuban style salsa

What classes are available?

At Latin Groove, we teach many different styles of dance. We have latin dances (salsa, bachata, cha-cha, merengue, cumbia etc.), we have international dances (samba, semba, kizomba, Bollywood, reggaeton, tango, ballroom etc.) we have more technical classes (styling, turns, musicality, jazz etc.) and we have fitness classes (Zumba, Abs & buns, yoga, stretching etc).

Which dance should I start with?

The easiest dance we teach is the merengue, but all our classes start at level 1 so even if you’ve never danced before, you can have your first steps with us. It doesn’t mean you should start with one then the other. I’ve seen people who never danced before take 3 dances and excel at them all. You just need to practice.

Am I too old or too young to start dancing?

Definitely not! Dance has no limits! Our students range from 18 – 78.

Do I need a partner?

Due to sanitary measures, we do not switch partners.  

If you have a partner, great, if you don’t, you will be paired up with another student in the class. We switch partners very often so everyone learns the right technique to follow and lead.

Do I HAVE to switch partners?

For the moment, we do not switch partners.

Switching partners is not an obligation. However switching partners is the best way to learn proper leading and following techniques. We strongly suggest you switch partners but it is your choice.


Are the lessons in both languages?

All of our teachers speak French and English. Some of them also speak Spanish so they can help Spanish speakers if needed.


How many people are there usually in a class?

We have around 6-30 people in each class. It always depend on the style and the level of the class.

If I don’t register in advance, will I still have a spot in the class?

We suggest you register in advance as we are never certain the number of students per class and we try to keep the lead and followers as even as possible.

How much do our classes cost?

We have many prices according to how many classes per week you take. We invite you to check our price list and promotions on our website. (LINK)

What kind of shoes do I need?

The best thing would be to start with dance shoes, as they don’t limit your capabilities. The reason dance shoes work so well is that they are made for purpose, fitting the foot as close to perfectly as a shoe can, but with a sole designed to give the right amount of grip ‘n slip so that every step can be performed with confidence, no limitations. We do not allow street shoes as in running shoes, boots or flip-flops in our studios as well.  If you are interested in purchasing dance shoes, we sell prodanceshoes.com.  Come and try a pair and feel the difference in your dancing.

What happens if I miss a class?

You can always take a private class with one of our many and experienced teachers or take even an extra class during the same week.

How can I register for classes?

There are two ways of registering. You can do it on line or at the reception desk at the studio. Please show up at least 15 minutes before your first class in order to finalize the registration.

What are the class hours?

We have classes Monday to Saturday. Please check out our schedule page for the full schedule. We also book private lessons outside of our opening hours.

Do you have practice nights? When can we practice?

For the moment, we have no socials due to santé publique’s sanitary measures. Please check back for changes.

Weekdays from 5pm-6pm we have “Happy practice hour”.  Everyone practices with everyone. It’s free for all. We also have Friday socials from 9pm-11pm.

As of 9 pm, you can go to 6/49 nightclub. It’s one on Montreal’s well known latin clubs. They are opened 7 nights a week from 9pm-3am. There are always people to practice with. Just keep in mind that everyone once started at level 1 so please don’t be intimidated with higher level students. See you there!

Do we rent studios?

Yes we do. You can rent a room or the entire studio outside of our opening hours as during our opening hours. We invite you to call us at 514.92.SALSA (5149272572) for more information about the availabilities and the terms and conditions.


Notre mission est de faire grandir la communauté de la danse, une étape à la fois.

Notre engagement est de répondre aux normes élevées de nos clients et d’offrir la meilleure formation de danse possible tout en restant amusant à un prix raisonnable.p>

Notre passion est transmise par le partage de notre expertise avec nos étudiants et en leur proposant une sélection de cours de danse et de fitness pour tous les âges et tous les niveaux afin que tout le monde puisse danser.

Notre vision est de devenir l’école de danse dont vous vous souviendrez toujours. Celui qui apporte un sourire à votre visage, de la chaleur à votre coeur et un picotement à votre pas.