Code of Conduct

Welcome to Latin Groove Dance School

Here’s a friendly reminder of our rules and regulations:

  • Boots or outside shoes are not permitted in the studios at all times.
  • Dance shoes are strongly recommended for your comfort and safety. If you do not have dance shoes, please make sure the shoes you are wearing are CLEAN (no rocks or dirt underneath, no gum, no broken heels, no boots and no marking soles). The teacher will tell you to remove your footwear if they are not suited for the dance floor.
  • Dress code: please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. We wouldn’t want you to limit your potential because of your garments.
  • All students must sign in upon arrival. This will facilitate the process of verifying if everyone is in their proper class.
  • Please be on time for your classes.
    If you arrive late to class, please enter the class quietly. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, you will not be permitted into the class.
    If you arrive early to class, please wait outside the studio till the teacher opens the door.
  • NO SOLICITATION! We strongly do not accept any type of solicitation from students nor teachers. If we do see solicitation towards other establishments or services, an immediate cancelation of your membership will be done and no refund will be given.
  • Gum, food and drinks are prohibited into the studios. A closed water bottle is permitted.
  • An evaluation is required to move up a level. An appointment must be taken with reception. If the teacher believes the student does not have the necessary dance level to follow the group, the teacher will request that the student take an evaluation where the students proper level will be determined.
  • Proper hygiene is important. Since many dances require a close proximity to your partner, we ask that all students and teachers practice proper hygiene. We have showers, deodorant, and mints if one should require.
  • Do not leave your personal effects in the studios. At the end of your class(es), please collect you personal effects and any garbage that you brought.
  • Lost and found. Every month we bring all unclaimed items to various shelters. If you lose something, please ask someone at reception if your personal item was found. We cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen objects.
  • Please respect your fellow students. Any inappropriate remarks or behaviour will not be tolerated. If you receive three warnings, your membership will be cancelled and no refund will be given.
  • Put your cell phone on silent. Also remove it from vibrate mode as it is still audible and disrupts the class.
  • We have a no refund and no transfer of membership policy. Customer satisfaction is very important to us, but we have a strict no refund policy for all of our memberships and purchases. Our policies are in place to ensure the highest quality, standards, and values that our company believes in. Please take this into consideration before purchasing your membership or product.  
  • Please get evaluated before going up a level.  Technique, styling, improvisation, musicality and rythme makes the dancer. In order to be comfortable with all of this, you must know, understand and feel confident with what you’ve been taught before moving up a level. We want you to learn and enjoy the dance. Take the time you need. There’s no time limit, just time to enjoy!