4 reasons why you should start dancing!

Dancing is a way for us to express ourselves, connect with the music, and display our emotions through movement. There are a lot of dance styles that you can pick up, from ballroom dancing, Latin dancing, Salsa, Bachata, Hip-Hop, contemporary… and the list goes on. Whatever dancing style you choose, or even if you would just like to play your favorite music and dance to it, we wanted to share with you the 4 reasons why dancing is good for both your body and your mind.

1 - Dancing does wonders for your health.

Dancing can be taken as a form of exercise, as any movement that gets your heart rate up will help keep you in shape. However, dancing contributes more than anything to keep your muscles toned and helps with having more core strength and overall balance. This could be beneficial for any future dancers that are aging gracefully as they are more at risk of falling due to the loss of balance with age.

You also get to improve your cardiovascular and twitch muscle endurance with explosive movements and continuous strain on the heart. Dancing allows you to build stamina and the muscles needed to keep up with the style of dancing you are practicing the most.

Salsa dance lessons can do wonders for the body, and keep your core tight and your heart healthy. If you happen to be in Canada, there are amazing Salsa Dance classes in Montreal that you can take part in.

2 - Dancing Builds Self-Confidence

Dancing doesn’t only build your self-confidence by performing in front of your team or in public, but it starts with your private performances. Dancing to yourself in the privacy of your own home will do wonders for your confidence. At the end of the day, dancing is a form of communication, you are conveying your emotions or telling a story, and sometimes both.

Without forgetting that dancing can be done in front of large audiences, so you can build your confidence towards being able to dance while enjoying yourself.

3 - Get out of your shell and make new friends

As we grow older, it becomes a tad harder to make new friends, and sometimes that keeps us within the same circle and not really exploring what’s out there. Being able to dance and practice with new people can form a bonding experience. Sharing a hobby with a new friend is something that often happens when you join a new dance class. There are also introductory classes made by Latin Groove, a great deal in getting 7 classes for the style of dancing you enjoy the most at the price of $37 dollars only. If you happen to be in the area, dance classes in Montreal will surely help you get out of your shell!

4 - Relieve your stress and boost your mood!

Latin dances are one of the best ways to boost your mood and relieve your daily stress. The energy in the music and how fluid the dance moves are can get you in a groove and a wonderfully joyful trance. I myself was looking for any Kizomba classes near me, as I fell in love with this dance the first time I saw it. Luckily, there were plenty of dance classes in Montreal, and Latin Groove happened to be one of them. I started noticing that I would get excited days before my class was scheduled, and that excitement carried over until I was in the studio and left me wanting more!

Dancing can heal the soul and help you get rid of your daily stress and set you up for a wonderful mood for the rest of the week.