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For more info on our packages, please contact one of our associates at 514.92.SALSA. (514-927-2572). Certain conditions apply. Prices are subject to change. The prices stated do not include any sales tax and will be added to the final price. Once payment is finalized, you will receive an email with additional info within 24 hours.  Thank you.

Celebrate Mother's Day with Latin Groove!

From the 2nd all the way to the 8th of May, we want to celebrate all mothers! To share the love Latin Groove Style, we are offering a 1 day free pass for all our active students to come dance and celebrate their mothers with us! Don’t miss the opportunity to share your passion for dancing with your mom!

What you need to know

No partner is needed | Master your basic steps and turns and get knowledge about musicality, rhythm, and the dance culture. | Promotion expires The 8th of May, 2022 | Please bring a change of shoes that you can dance in.

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We Have Been Awarded Five Prizes Over The Past Five Years For The Best Dance School


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