The Most Fun Fitness Classes In Montreal

Nowadays, life has such a fast pace, from running from work to handling personal matters to running errands, we end up swallowed into a routine that doesn’t cater to one of the most important and crucial aspects of our lives! You must have heard the saying “treat your body like a temple”. If we are not going to commit to that level to stay fit and healthy, we at least need to find time in our day to make sure we get our workout in, to keep our body in top shape and able to support whatever life throws at it.

Another issue you may encounter is how mundane and boring going to the gym and following generally the same routine can be, and we at Latin Groove wanted to create fitness classes that can help you reconnect with new people, have collective fun, but more importantly, reconnect with yourself and regain pleasure from getting that heart rate up!

Latin Groove is known for being the Best Dance School in all of Montreal, and as we know, dancing is one of the most fun ways to stay in shape while indulging in a new hobby. We primarily focus on Latin-inspired dances like salsa, bachata, and kizomba. We introduce different levels for group classes, and we even offer private dance classes so you can dive deeper into the dance world.

However, we took our passion for fitness to the next level and created multiple fitness classes that still kept the fun aspect of working out within our community but made sure they covered different fitness goals and needs.

In this article, we will talk about the most fun fitness classes in Montreal and why you should join Latin Groove today!


Being the best dance school in Montreal, we happen to be rocking the most unique tunes in our dance studio, and in our Zumba classes, it is no exception that the ambiance will make your body move by itself!

We have a great offer on our Zumba classes that will be a great start for you to get back on the saddle of your fitness journey and do so in an inclusive and supportive community!

For only $37, you get to benefit from 7 classes. That will definitely pave the way to a healthier and more joyful lifestyle!


You are by now getting the hang of our theme. It’s all about using music to help us push our limitations while enjoying working out. Zumba Toning is a great way to put more emphasis on toning and sculpting your muscles. In addition to that, by using light weights we are able to focus on specific muscle groups to keep you and them engaged all while listening to entrancing music that will definitely push your muscles to grow more defined. Make sure to check our schedule and get yourself a spot to achieve that next fitness milestone.


Yoga has always been a great way to reconnect with yourself, physically and spiritually. Having the combination of stretching, being in challenging postures, and pushing your balance and core strength to new limits, all while being in a focused meditative state, is a killer combo to keep you healthy, body and mind!

Discover our schedule, and make sure you join us for a yoga session to promote your physical and mental health.

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