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Private lessons 

There are many ways to learn how to dance no matter what age you are. 

The teacher will be able to teach you the following: Step patterns, Footwork, Timing, Lead and Follow, Style and Continuity. In a group class, it is really only possible to teach the first three effectively, step pattern, footwork and timing. Privates are the best way to learn good technique because the teacher will have time to dedicate only to you and be able to transmit their knowledge and experience to you. The teacher will be able to enhance your particular style and teach you exactly what you want to learn, all at your own pace.

Private lessons are a necessity to reach the next level and well worth it in the long run.

We have many price options to choose from depending on your availability and budget. We invite you to call us so we can properly assess your needs and offer you the best price plan for you.


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