The 4 things you absolutely need to know about Kizomba​

Whether you are a professional dancer, a beginner, or just an amateur, you must have heard of Kizomba one way or another at this point! Kizomba, this dance that took the world by storm, a sensual dance to a slow rhythm that comes naturally and that is ideal for dancing in pairs. But how much do you know about it? No worries! We got you covered with the 4 things you absolutely need to know about Kizomba!

1 - The origin of Kizomba

Kizomba, previously known as ‘Passada’, comes from the coastal South African nation of Angola, derived from the word, ‘Kimbundo’, meaning ‘Party’ in the language Kimbundu. The dance emerged in Angola in the 1980s and 90s in the region around the capital, Luanda, and it quickly became a part of the Angolan cultural identity.

2 - Kizomba is a mixture of styles

As you may have noticed, Kizomba is a mixture of different dance styles, which is due to Angola’s close ties with Brazil and Cape Verde from colonial times. In the Kizomba you can see the influence of the Caribbean Zouk, the Haitian Kompa, and the Semba.

3 - How to dance the Kizomba

As hard as the movements might seem, in the beginning, you won’t have to learn all the turns and twists and tricky steps as Kizomba is a dance that comes naturally and revolves around the smooth and slow music rhythm, and the good chemistry between you and your dance partner! Once you get comfortable with it you can dive deeper and learn more technical moves to impress the crowd!
Also for all beginners, there are a few tips that you might be interested in and that will definitely help you dance confidently with your partner:
  • You should know how to improvise, whatever dance style you are learning you will always make mistakes here and there, and it is okay, to make the experience enjoyable, relax and improvise and follow the music, it will definitely lead the way!
  • Try to practice with yourself! I know it might seem a bit weird as Kizomba is known to be a couples dance, but hey, a little practice never hurt anyone! On the contrary, if anything practicing by yourself will help you get used to the moves and get more confidence that you will proudly show while dancing with your partner. You can also try dancing in front of a mirror or filming yourself in order to see the mistakes you make and fix them!
  • This one is a must for every dancer, get to know the music! Listen to Kizomba music as much as you can, till you get really comfortable with it and you will find yourself dancing and jamming to it with full confidence, don’t try to deny it! We all know the effect of our favorite music on us, once you hear it you know that it is time to hit the dance floor and move it!

4 - Kizomba is More than a dance

Although it is known to be a couples dance, if you are a big fan of the Kizomba, that little detail shouldn’t stop you. Either with your partner or with a group class, Kizomba brings people together, and it is a perfect occasion to meet new people and of course, have fun, I mean did you see the smiles on people’s faces while dancing Kizomba?

If you are still not sure where to start, you should know that more and more dance schools are offering Kizomba classes that you can join with your partner, or where you can find other curious solos that you can pair up with and start your Kizomba journey! If you are in Montreal, you can also join the fun with Latin Groove’s special offer of 7 Kizomba (Level 1) classes for only 37$!